About The Author

Alexander Novicov believes that this world can be a better place if we have more passion around us. His mission is to help people that care about what they do flourish.

He is the founder of a small brand purpose agency called Way Boutique Agency. Since 2010, he and his team have worked with leading brands such as Holland & Barrett, Pizza Express, Stella Artois, Eurovision and many others. He helps small passionate businesses differentiate and increase brand loyalty through brand storytelling. He has spoken around the world about brand purpose and how to use emotions in our marketing.

Through intense study and experimentation, he discovered the best way to communicate with customers is to show the love you feel for your product or project. That’s perhaps easier said than done, which is why he has written this book to explain how to do that.

The author lives in London with his dog, Chanel, loves running and is obsessed with becoming a better human every day.

Not Another Pair of Shoes is his first book.